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It's Complicated- my veiwer-report in english part 2. Thinking about a finale

Once again I am sorry for my English. The first part of this theme was THERE
Now let’s talk about a finale. I was in perplexity about it. And I wanted to say: ‘hey, guys, there is something wrong! Didn’t you confuse something?’ I have no idea why. May be because the end’s style doesn’t fit the radiating humor and sincere affection or because I liked this pair too much and didn’t like a third character. Or I just so wanted them two to be fine… Oh, in common everything is fine but in another way, different from I wanted for them.
I was upset having seen the final. I strongly object! What is this film about? About if something between two is lost it is forever and there is not any reason to give each other the second shot? What is the moral of a such finale? Cheating is ever unforgivable, whatever happens later? Cheating is awful undoubtedly. But there already was not a problem in it. My husband said that I was disagree with a finale because I liked Jake too much. Yes, of course I liked Jake. Even for all that he was varied and, on the level, partly vicious - because he was irresistibly charming, effulgent, attractive and radiated an incredibly sexuality. Obviously, he captured my heart it was one of the reasons why I took his side. But there is not me we are talking about.

I think he won Jane’s heart not less than mine. Yes, they had a confrontation after getting divorce. Yes, she learnt to live alone, she got a business success, she is independent and self-sufficient, kids are grown and so much has happened… But… She didn’t need him like he was after divorce- another woman's and not interested in her. And her intolerance to him in that way is quite natural. But now we saw them both absolutely different and needing each other. He became calmer, he wanted to be with her, he became attentive and loving her… like in best days of their youth with only one difference – they are adult, established persons, kids are grown and like perfectly Jake noticed, they grown into the people they wanted each other to be. Now their problems which tore them 10 years ago, are solved and they can just live end enjoy each other. They are not young already, and if they are mutual interested in each other, in the old age it’s much better being two together than to be alone. Everything has changed – their selves, conditions, kids – everything became different and it is silly to use old past’s measures for present days. If you enjoy him so much, if you both feel happy and alive, why it is necessary to invent obstacles? Jane is a free woman, not young when there are many wooing around, and her ex-husband is dreaming to be together again – adoring, passionate and being happy feeling home and a family taste. So… Why not?

Married… and what? Yes, being a mistress of your own ex-husband is humiliating and her being angry after their date ruined was clear. But why did she not admit him when he broke up with his wife and came to her as a free man? The only reasonable excuse for not being together was his being married. And there were not any obstacles for their happiness. And her running out from their relationship was just her fear, obstinacy, unwillingness to break her established mode of life… I’m sure Jane will regret about missing her chance. Somebody say she didn’t need him. But, friends… Does anybody bloom as Jane bloomed having an affair with Jake, having contacts with an unneeded person? Does somebody wait nervously for the shrink in the early morning wanting an answer what to do further? Do they shine so brightly getting the shrink’s approval for this affair? Do they make a date with an unneeded person in a hotel in the middle of the day? Do they make confessions admitting their past mistakes not having ought to do it? Do they cook his favorite dinner, lit candles, wear a new dress being at home for a date with an unneeded person?

Cut me but I’ll never agree that she didn’t need him. She used to be distant from him, to keep him at arm's length. She felt an effort inside since their getting divorce and for 10 years every time being somewhere next to him. And she did not admit even the thought of feeling to him in another way. She couldn’t let herself feel to him in another way, not by heart but by her mind. And when sitting at the bar she loses her permanent mind control being drunk a bit, she is relaxing and enjoying their funny, kind, wonderful evening together. Amazing evening not as strangers, but as people knowing each other inside out for a long-long time. Full disclosure, without ceremony, easy, amusing and ingenuously – like their best time. A dear person can become a stranger, even very fast, it’s enough for that his becoming cold and rejecting. And may be Jack did it 10 years ago, or may be just felt it like that. It doesn’t matter now because everything has changed. Now we see charming Jake wanting be her Jakie in the best way she’s ever seen him before. He is not rejecting, in the opposite, he is longing for her and wants to be closer as much as it is possible. He is so attractive and fun, and the whole his irresistible sexuality is directed to her… And I’m sure dancing Jane felt to him in another way. She did. And only mind could keep a wall between them after that. There is only one question- why.

Her mood drops are a result of a tough inner struggle between her mind and feelings. Her heart is reaching for him, can’t resist his fascination, attractiveness, sexuality. But a mind like a strict judge and a slave driver is heating: no, it is not allowed, it is forbidden, why do you think you need it… Why? Just to be not a cheated by and given up ex-wife, not only three grown kids mother, not a restraint’s owner and a chief… but just a happy woman. Isn’t it enough reason?!
There is a significant scene – when Jake visited Jane in the evening, sat next to her bath enjoying ice-cream. Do you remember the end of that their meeting? He went away, speaking by cell with a daughter, Jane followed him with her eyes, smiling brightly, then she closed the door going on smiling- serenely and blissful. But then she recollected suddenly, knit her brows and got her usual dark look on her face. Here it is – a struggle between her heart and mind. And exactly because of it she hurried to a shrink in the early morning and asked him absolutely silly questions. “ Is having an affair with you-know-who a good thing or a bad thing? It's a bad thing, right? This can't be... How can it be good?” She is literally thirsting for his saying that it is very bad, inadmissibly, outrageously, it is unworthy of her and she must stop it immediately. It is her last hope, because her mind is beginning to lose this battle. And when even a shrink told “Go ahead, Jane. You'll be fine” the last obstacle between her and Jake was broken. And her face is shining like a thousand of suns, her mood is high, she is full of strength and energy and is ready to move mountains. She definitely looks like stuck on- her voice becomes more ringing, laugh – more rippling, smile- more radiant, eyes are shining and even step becomes lighter. She casted off chains of her fear, guilt and bloomed. And she enjoyed herself in that way. Looking at her in that time, how can we say she didn’t need Jake, who evoked such a magic her transforming? I’m sure we can’t. Because she needed Jake, she wanted him, because he made her happy. It’s obvious.

After their date had ruined she crawled into her shell where her mind won a victory, and her mood got usual insipid regularity. Was it much better for her? Oh, I doubt. Jake was not only a man she felt good with. He was a father of her kids and they had (and would have for a long time!) a wonderful family – they all really liked being together. Remember their family movie-party with popcorn Jake made – happy smiles of kids, rejoicing Jake… wasn’t it an idyll?

If he already left his family (or is thrown out, no matter) for being with you (!!!), you have completely family feeling so great all together… Why do you need to break it all?! If she let herself be happy, everything would be good with them, I’m sure. And she had a doubt about if she did right or not. Remember the scene where he said to the kids that he wanted to be with Jane, but she refused. HOW she followed him with her eyes looking at his leaving… She met his glance, he kept his bag and was looking at her seriously, questioning and full of hoping she changed her decision. She looked at him back with a sight full of pain. And there were tears in her eyes. Nobody looks at unneeded person in a SUCH way. And she needed him, in that moment may be more than she ever used to need. I think there was a tough battle between her heart and a mind inside her at that time. But she didn’t stop him and he hanged downcast his head, left.

And I have one else question. Why did she need Adam? More specifically – why did she think she needed him? Honestly I have a lot of doubts about she liked him as a man. As a good person – she did, as a man- she definitely didn’t. Who is he? Quiet, undoubtedly good, kind but an absolutely tasteless, spineless person. He is a grey mouse, especially in comparison with charismatic, striking, charming and sexual Jake. Why did she need him? To try to fight fire with fire? But Adam is not a fire, he is a splinter. Jane is a strong woman, and she will feel like a real woman only being with a strong man. With a man who is stronger than her. Jake manages all their meetings, he has a magic influence on her, disarming and attracting her. He is definitely stronger than her and she likes it. Adam is much weaker. She managed their relationship in every moment, she made that demonstration of croissants’ cooking process, she was a reason of all their emotions- joy, sadness, and fun and so on – she was a head of this train. Adam can’t do something extraordinary, he can’t surprise her, and he is absolutely not sexual. He is not magnificent as a man, he is nothing for a strong, talented woman. I think such a quiet person like Adam could be for Jane like a pet, but not as a man she wanted to be with. She felt good with him, but look at her attentively. Do you see just a grain of her shining like she radiated being with Jake? I don’t see.

Becoming closer to Adam, her answer ‘yes’ when he asked her sincerity, it seemed like a revenge to herself. A revenge for not handling her emotions, for reciprocating Jake's feelings. That is it! If it were not for this promise, when Jake said to children about his love and a desire to come back together with her, she wouldn’t say ‘no’, she would let him stay, I’m sure. But that moment, when Adam saw Jake’s confession, she didn’t turn traitor for a weak person trusted her. She became a hostage of her own promise. Only that damny promise didn’t let her admit Jake back and recover their complete happy family. She was caught into a trap of her own silly promise.

She said to kids: “I did this for me. And I did it for him. And I realize that even though your dad and I once had something extraordinary, now we no longer really fit together...” Their warm and infused contacting during this affair means that if they both want, they will be close as much as they feel it should be. She needs only let herself allow him to be next a secret part of her heart- ‘lovers only’ part. They were distant for 10 years their being apart, but they are not longer. The distance between them is built only by her mind and her fear. And only she can make this distance disappear. But she got scared. I can’t blame her - she had enough reasons for not trusting him because she had a long way with him together. But they had a real chance and I think they might have a natural, warm and sincere relationship, not ideal, but a really happy family. Because as she exactly said, he was a part of her. And He always would be…
I don’t believe she will have something really good with Adam. They are different scale persons and even if they have some relationship she will not have a good pair. Just he will be somewhere next to her and always as a stranger in her family.

I am sure, that she will regret about her decision. She will understand it was right may be… But in her lonely time she will always hear her heart saying about she stole her own happiness…
And exactly because of it in spite of striking, incredibly funny film mood I got sadness in my heart after watching it. It was like a hurting tooth and retuned me to thinking about this finale again and again. I wish they could save their short, but such a striking happiness…

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