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It's Complicated- my report in english part 1

Я обещала англоязычной френдессе перевести свой отзыв на фильм Простые сложности. Русский текст был разбит на две части, а английский я хотела сделать цельным. Но, думаю, правильнее будет его тоже разбить. Сегодня готова выложить первую часть. Переводила с энтузиазмом и удовольствием:) Не знаю, помогло ли это правильности написания, но уж как есть. Я прислушалась к совету ssssh и старалась не нагромождать грамматические конструкции, по возможности полностью перефразируя исходный текст и выражаясь проще. Уж не знаю, как у меня получилось, но я честно старалась:) Итак, часть первая.
loveohlovelove, as I promised, I am posting a translation of my "It's Complicated" report. It not finished, it is part №1:) My thoughts on the merits will be in the second part:)

I wanted to see It’s Complicated since I saw a trailer – striking, witty and funny. And it lived up to my expectations! Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin showed a brilliant acting and in spite of age difference fitted each other in the best way. They looked luxuriously together, being an absolutely perfect actor’s duet. This film has a wonderful worldly humor, transforming to a situation comedy, it has a splendid, witty text and gives an aesthetic delight.

I think I can not tell about incredible Meryl Streep’s talent, her ability of getting the feel of her roles as much as possible, her acting as brilliant in dramas as in comedies. I can not tell about it because it is a verity not requiring any evidence. But if somebody is going to doubt, watch this film and feel a drive and an inspiration being radiated by her in every moment her being in a shot. Her Jane is as charming as it is required for viewer’s being fascinated and forgetting about her age. In the first place she is a woman, in the best sense of this word. She is not an angel, of course. She is alive woman, adult kids’ mother, having strong character, not easy life experience and a pressing of loneliness, which is still not admitted.

To Alec Baldwin I wanna say BRAVO. It was an excellent work, absolutely organic, impressively multifaceted… It was such a perfect work like only great masters can do. He does is a master! He is an ocean of charming, he has insinuating manners, shining fascination and a very pleasant, mellow timbre of voice- deep, a little feathery, which makes my heart miss a beat. For my taste as he becomes older his attractiveness becomes more spicy and seductive. Charming, charismatic, a little infantile, ingenuous and irresistibly sexual blue-eyed Jake from ‘It’s Complicated’ made me grow fond of Alec Baldwin even more than I used to. In this place should be a deep reverence and nervous twitching a fan:)) Of course Jake is far from an ideal, but… I didn’t believe Jane, saying she realized they were already too far. No! They were closer than they ever used to be. And if she let herself being a happy woman, she would be. With Jake.

Steve Martin played a third character- Adam, stuck on Jane. He played well, but I wasn’t impressed. Because Streep and Baldwin’s charismas were much stronger, or because I liked charming Jake definitely more than Adam. Or may be because Adam and Jane did not look good together, especially in comparison with a very beautiful pair Jane and Jake… But romantic hero is absolutely not Martin’s line

“It’s Complicated” is a very cheerful film, and in spite of a bit of frivolous jokes it is absolutely not vulgar. It is flashing, witty, and as funny as we burst with laugher, it is striking, brilliant and sometimes is extremely warm. We have a lot of examples of movie-stories about 40-50-60 year people settling their affairs. On the level it rarely looks beautiful and attractive. Meryl Streep is out of age and even being 60 she is attractive, charming and beautiful. And she was, she is, and will be a woman being loved in every movie, and it will be always natural and harmonious. Meryl and Alec Baldwin made this film brilliant, amusing, adorable and unforgettable. Bravo.
And as a bonus- great photos from this film
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